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Journalists Telling the

 Stories of Modern-Day Slavery 

Like journalists before them, reporters today follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, telling the stories of slavery and other human rights abuses. 

​Following is a selected list of reporting on modern-day slavery, and is by no means complete.

See an article or broadcast that should be listed? Send us an email at with the URL and pertinent information.

Selected Articles

Bowe, John

Brazao, Dale

Callamachi, Rukmini

Carrier, Scott 

Field, Michael

Fine Collins, Amy

Finnegan, William

Goldberg, Michelle

Gonzalez, David

Gould, J.J.

Greenberg, Ilan

Hardman, Jesse

Hari, Johann

Johnson, Scott

Kara, Siddharth

Kelly, Kimbriell 

Kristof, Nicholas

Landesman, Peter

Lewis, Libby

Martin, Phillip

Mead, Julia C.

Melnick, Meredith

Motlagh, Jason

Nosheen, Habiba & Anup Kaphle

Pleitgen, Frederick & Mohamed Fadel Fahmy

Simpson, Cam 

Skinner, E. Benjamin

Smith, Michael & David Voreacos

Stillman, Sarah

Sutter, John D.

Townshend, Mark

vanden Heuvel, Katrina & Greg Kaufman

Photojournalism, Photo Exhibits

Chernush, Kay

Sex Trafficking Forced Labor, Survivors photo exhibit
for the U.S. State Department

Hamman, Melanie

Rescue Johannesburg, 2009 photo exhibit

Eva Horstick-Schmitt

Raid in Kosovo photo exhibit

Kristine, Lisa

Slavery Still Exists, Lisa Kristine, 9/26/12, The Atlantic

Nickolaysen, Ron

Survivors Argentina, 2008 photo exhibit

Roslan, Rahman

Nur: The Journey Home, 2010 photo exhibit 

Media Outlets Reporting on Slavery

CNN Freedom Project

The CNN Freedom Project is a media campaign launched by CNN in 2011 to expose instances of modern slavery around the globe.  

Some of their larger features include John Sutter’s award-winning piece on Mauritania, Slavery’s Last Stronghold, Frederick Pleitgen and Mohamed Fadel Fahmy’s reporting on abuses of refugees in Egypt, Death in the Desert, and Siddharth Kara’s regular posts.

Guardian Sustainable Business

The Guardian's Sustainable Business desk focus includes commentary and reporting about human trafficking and modern-day slavery. 


The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting has been reporting on human trafficking and modern-day slavery since 2008.

A few of their stories follow: 

The Schuster Institute for Investigative Reporting

at Brandeis University

​The Schuster Institute's Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery project, led by investigative journalist E. Benjamin Skinner, was launched in 2009. Highlights include Skinner's investigative report with Bloomberg Businessweek on slavery at sea; and with Time, South African's new slave trade and Pakistan's indentured servants.


Filipino Catherine Manuel is the focus of Dale Brazao's story "Nanny for Sale," Toronto Star.

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